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4th Grade

Fourth Grade Teachers: Mrs. Nordgaard, Mrs. Fens, Mrs. Bradshaw, Ms.Evans, Mrs. Turner 

Fourth Grade Expectations and Curriculum 

Rising third graders  need to come to fourth grade displaying accountability and responsibility when writing homework in their agendas.  What a wonderful way to start and ensure organizational success throughout the year.  

 Language Arts

In reading/language arts the focus is to develop comprehension and fluency using a variety of methods, especially the comprehension keys to learning. Writing is another core area that encompasses grammar, written expression, creativity and more.  The students should be able to write a good paragraph, and display an understanding of the 6+1 Traits of Writing method as they begin the school year. 


In math, we will explore division, multiplication, decimals, fractions, and multistep problem solving.  The students should exhibit a true understanding of the multiplication concepts and facts.  Knowing their facts entering fourth grade is a vital necessity to foster achievement. 

 Social Studies

Social Studies enables us to look at the present and learn from the past.  Our lessons revolve around and encompass the study of our state's history and the workings of our government.  It is our intent that each individual student will leave fourth grade as a confident, successful learner, and will have demonstrated progress academically, socially, and emotionally.


Science is not a tested SOL; however, we do have a curriculum to present.  We will study plants, weather, electricity, ecosystems, force and motion, and space/moon to name a few.


Curriculum Overview 

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