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This list will sort by grade level and then last name. The phone number for the the front office is 768-6195. Please contact the front office in order to leave a message for your child's teacher. 

To email a teacher, use the email prefix provided and follow it with ccpsnet.net
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Last NameFirst NameGrade Level or SubjectEmail PrefixPhone NumberExtention
Last NameFirst NameGrade Level or SubjectEmail PrefixPhone NumberExtention
Allen  Alycia  1st  alycia_allen   
Beyer  Stacy  Special Education  stacy_beyer   
Blackburn  Betty  Art betty_blackburn   
Bradshaw  Cynthia  4th  cynthia_bradshaw   
Brink  Giuliana  Principal  Giuliana_Brink  804-768-6195  
Broas  Wynne 1st  wynne_broas   
Brock  Becca  Early Childhood Education rebecca_brock   
Buckley  michael PE  michael_buckley    
Campbell Mandy Special Education  amanda_campbell   
Carden  Kristian Deaf and Hard of Hearing Kristian_carden   
Chen  Kai Chinese  kai_chen   
Cimbal Sophia 5th sophia_cimbal   
Clark  Lindsey  K  lindsey_clark   
Collins  Kara  Reading Specialist  kara_collins   
Denby  Reginia  4th  reginia_denby   
Dillon  Christa  Assistant Principal  christa_dillon   
Easter Brittany  Special Education  brittany_easter   
Ellington  Kimberly  Art  kimberly_ellington   
Enslen  Pam  1st  pamela_enslen   
Evaro  LeeAnn  5th  lee_evaro   
Fens Holly 4th  holly_fenns   
Fitzgerald  Janet  2nd janet_fitzgerald   
Fluker Anita Library anita_fluker   
Gara Cyd Special Education  cyd_gara   
Giles  Carol  Special Education  carol_giles   
Giorgi Teresa 2nd teresa_giorgi   
Glotfelty  Kate  K  kathleen_glotfelty   
Glynn  Mary  music  mary_glynn   
Haines  Stephanie 5th  stephanie_haines   
Hart  Jill  2nd jill_hart   
Holt  Lisa  k  lisa_holt    
Hughes  MaryJo Speech  maryjo_hughes   
Janiszewski Dawn 3rd dawn_janiszewski   
Johnstone  Kathy   Preschool Special Education  kathy_johnstone   
Kalczynski Amanda  4th  amanda_kalczynski   
Kirk  Donna  k  donna_kirk   
Klingingsmith Leesa  Special Education  leesa_klingingsmith   
Laine  Mason  3rd mason_laine   
Larocque  Christopher  PE    
Loker  Shelly  k  stephaine_loker   
Long  Avery  2nd  avery_long    
Luethke Andrea 3rd andrea_luethke   
MacDonald  Joseph  music  joseph_macdonald   
Mackall Becky Speech  rebecca_mackall   
Moody  Tomekia  Early Childhood Education tomekia_moody   
Murphy  Karla speech  karla_murphy   
Nelson  Andrea  3rd andrea_nelson   
Perno  Meghan 4th  meghan_perno   
Putney  Patricia  Special Education Corrdinator patricia_putney   
Rogers  Whitney  1st  whitney_rogers   
Rohrer Patsy Guidance  patsy_rohrer 768-6195 
Sandsfield-Stier Elisabeth IDP Coordinator  elisabeth_sandsfield   
Sara  Garrison  Lunch Room Manger  sara_garrison   
Saunders  Sherry  5th  sherry_saunders    
Smith  Lauren  1st  lauren_simth   
Splitzgardt  Tatum  Library tatum_splitzgardt   
Susnock  Edie 3rd edith_susnock   
Theobald  Lauren  2nd  lauren_theobald   
Walker  Crystal  5  crystal_walker   
Wilt  Tamara special eduation tamara_wilt    
Yang  Lucy  Chinese  xue_yang    
Showing 61 items