Success Program
"All students can be successful if they are provided the resources to meet the high expectations placed on them"

Student Video: The Success Experience

Student Video: Mentor's Reflection

Success Instructor: 
Adrian Murray

Success Administrator: 
Wyatt Hicks

Success School Counselor: Derrick Norman

If you have any questions about the success program please contact Mr. Norman
(804) 378-2480 ext. 209
Success Program Mission:

Monacan High School Success Program is to provide a comprehensive, developmental program to address the academic, career and personal/social needs of our students. In coordination with staff, parents and community resources, the Success Program staff will facilitate a positive and supportive program that will help provide a school community that is safe, healthy, and growth promoting for all members.

The Purpose:

The program is to make sure that every student at Monacan High School has the resources available to ensure their success in high school. Initially, rising freshmen are recommended and/or recruited to enter the program during their 8th grade year. In addition, any freshman who could benefit from additional assistance throughout the year will be recruited to enter the program. All former members of the Success Program are supported throughout their high school years until they graduate. In addition, grades are monitored for the entire student body throughout the year. Students who are struggling are offered the opportunity to enter the Success Program in order to improve their academic standing.

The Success Program believes all students can be successful if they are provided the resources to meet the high expectations that are placed on them.

"The Success Program is like a family"

Success Offers:
  • Instruction in study skills
  • Tome management/organizational skills
  • Learn to advocate for themselves
  • Character education
  • Set both long term and short term goals
  • Time for homework completion
  • Mentored by older students with whom they can identify (11th and 12th grade students)
  • An opportunity to build strong relationships with adults and peers
  • Field trips (college, work force and military or first responders)
  • Core challenge (group counseling)
  • Dress for success sessions (breakfast of champions)
  • Progress reports (conducted every academic marking period)
Course Design:

Success I – One Credit -Enrollment restricted to rising freshmen. The class is multi-faceted: students will be exposed to a character education curriculum which includes, but is not limited to, Chesterfield County’s Core Values of honesty, respect, accountability, and responsibility; positive decision making; conflict resolution; bullying prevention; and study methods and organizational strategies. Students will participate in journal writing, self-reflection, and college/career exploration. Students will receive academic and state assessment support from teachers, tutors and student mentors. Students are also encouraged to participate in numerous community outreach activities throughout the year.

Success II- One Credit-Prerequisite is successful completion of Success I and promotion to grade 10. Curriculum is a continuation of topics covered in Success I. Students will participate in journal writing, reflection of selected readings and involvement/promotion of Success Program Community Outreach projects throughout the entire school. Students will continue to receive academic and state assessment support from teachers and tutors. Students will develop the skills and qualities necessary to participate in the Success Peer Facilitator Program.