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Air Force JROTC

JROTC 1 – In the first year of Monacan’s JROTC program, cadets will learn key historical principles involving flight, the origins of the Air Force, and details of the Air Force’s exploits in defense of our nation. Students will also be exposed to many facets of leadership. They will learn the standards of military uniform wear and military customs and courtesies. They will also be taught the fundamentals of individual self-control and understand the need for wellness and fitness. Finally, students will learn how to march in and command military formations.
JROTC 2 – Cadets in JROTC 2 will be taught the Science behind how airplanes fly and navigate to their ultimate destinations. Through the course’s Global Studies curriculum, students will learn key identifiers of the world’s many vast cultures. Students will also learn valuable life-skills tools such as how to improve communication and coping skills, the importance of attitude, and how to overcome challenging experiences. Finally, cadets in JROTC 2 will learn more about commanding a military formation and will be able to complete the “30-Commands for Flight Competitions” from memory.
JROTC 3 – Cadets will learn the history of astronomy and comprehend the history and importance of space exploration. They will be exposed to various missile launch vehicles and methods, in addition to creating and launching rockets of various types. Cadets will also be given instruction on how to manage a budget, understand career options for the future, and understand how to apply for college. Finally, cadets will continue learning the intricacies of marching in and commanding a military formation.
JROTC 4 – Cadets will be given the opportunity to put various leadership tools into practice as they administer and lead the JROTC corps. They will be taught the basics of land navigation and conduct further studies on other regions of the world through global awareness and cultural studies. Finally, cadets will learn the history and importance of management and become more proficient at teaching basic marching principles marching a military unit.
** All JROTC classes have a physical fitness component which will give cadets the opportunity to improve physical fitness and compete in varied sports activities. All cadets will also have the opportunity to belong to various Air Force – sponsored teams to include an Academic Team, Color Guard, Drill Team and Raider Team.
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