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Driver Education


June, July, and August 2019

Registration is now being conducted for students who wish to sign up for the summer session (June, July and August ) dates of Behind-The-Wheel instruction.

Contact Mr. Federice to enroll in Behind-The-Wheel (thomas_federice@ccpsnet.net.

Students who wish to take behind the wheel this summer MUST:

  • Have successfully completed classroom driver education. (If completed outside of Monacan High School, a DEC-1 green card is needed to meet state guidelines.)

  • Have a current learner’s permit.  

Permit must be presented at the time of registration.*!!!!!!

  • Submit PPF18

  • Submit Enrollment Form.

  • The law requires students to have their learners for 9 months before their TDL-180 certificate may be issued even if they are already 16 years/3months.

Students should have their vacation plans available to assist them with selecting a time slot.  Since there are a limited number of slots available for JULY and AUGUST.

Sign-ups will continue until all summer driving slots are filled.  

Reminder of what to bring:

1.Cost: $210 check or cash

 Check made payable to Monacan High School or have exact amount in cash.

2. Learners permit (active)

3. Behind the Wheel enrollment form, PPF18 , driving log (available outside of boys’ and girls’ health classroom or at https://sites.google.com/a/ccpsnet.net/mnhs/home/instruction/driver-ed).

4. Driving Log: up to this point (I need to check it to see if it is being done correctly).

5. Vacation plans (any days/times that you are not available listed and brought with you)


Anyone needing to change driving dates or times after reserving a summer driving slot will be placed on the waiting list to be re-assigned based on availability.  If you enroll and need to cancel entirely, you need to notify Mr. Federice ASAP because your partner will NOT be allowed to drive UNLESS a replacement can be found.  A refund will not be processed until fall.  Please note: Check your schedule and confirm with parents prior to enrolling as this impacts your partner and the instructor.

If you have any questions, please call Mr. Federice at 378-2480 or have your child see him at school or email thomas_federice@ccpsnet.net

Please email: thomas_federice@ccpsnet.net with any questions.

Thank you.