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Senior Surveys

posted Apr 24, 2018, 10:09 AM by Sean Hollingshead   [ updated Apr 25, 2018, 10:01 AM ]
All seniors must complete a Senior Survey form and Senior Post Secondary Plan form. Mrs. Scheu will be visiting the government classrooms May 1st through May 14th to explain the process. You can use your Chromebooks to complete the Google form. Please have all scholarship and award information, as well as the name of the college or university that you will be attending in the Fall. Scholarship information is necessary for County reporting purposes and for inclusion in the graduation program. The forms and schedule are available online on the Monacan website under Recent Announcements-Senior Survey. The google form can be completed at home or during the classroom visit using your CCPS log-in. Information for sending your final transcript through Parchment is included on the form. 

Senior Survey Class Schedule
 May 1st (Tues)   May 7th (Mon) 
 1st. Pd. odd Gurecki     7:25  3rd pd. odd Borean 10:30
 2nd pd. odd Sweet         8:52   
    May 11th (Fri) 
 May 3rd (Thurs)      2nd pd. odd Gurecki       8:51
 1st pd. odd Borean 7:25  3rd pd. odd Gurecki     10:30
 4th pd. odd Thornton   12:30   
    May 14th (Mon) 
 May 4th (Fri)   3rd pd. even Gurecki    10:30
 2nd pd. even Thornton     8:55  4th pd. even Gurecki    12:30
 3rd pd. even Sweet        10:30   
 3rd pd. even Borean      12:10