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Senior Class

Do you have questions about Senior stuff?  Read on!!!

1.       If you did not attend the Senior meeting September 13, come by room 139 for cap and gown info and convocation information.  The convocation information is on the school website in the senior section.  Convocation is October 5, 2018.  Convocation is the first “official” recognition of the Class of 2019.  Cap and gown and other graduation “stuff” is sold through Herff Jones.  If you miss the order date, you can go on line or call Herff Jones at (804) 598-0971.

2.      As it says in the convocation memo below, you will need to dress NICELY.  Refer to that memo, see Mrs. Anzelone in room 139 or ask an administrator.

3.      All Seniors will be wearing the same graduation gown.  The gown is black with an orange yoke.  With the color change of the gown, we are asking all Seniors to wear dark (navy blue, black, or dark brown) shoes.  If the Senior will be wearing slacks, we are asking that the slacks are dark as well.  If a dress shirt is worn, please try to get a light color (white, cream) and wear a tie that looks nice with the orange yoke.  If the Senior will be wearing a dress or skirt, there is NO color requirement.

4.      As in past years, the date of graduation has not been published yet.  As families plan for graduation, please be aware that there will be a limited number (the number of tickets has not been determined) of tickets given to each Senior.

Click here for Parent Invitation Letter


Senior Convocation will be Friday, October 5th.  At the end of 3rd odd period/beginning of 4th Odd period, an announcement will be made and you will report to the auxiliary gym for line-up.  DO NOT bring any pocketbooks or book bags to ConvocationLadies should wear nice dresses of an appropriate length or pantsuit, and dress shoes.  There is NO color requirement!!!  Gentlemen should wear dress slacks, dress shirts, and ties, dress shoes and socksJeans, sandals, sunglasses, and chewing gum are not appropriateIf you are dressed inappropriately, you will not be allowed to participate.

Some information to remember:

1.  Senior Tech students may participate in the assembly if they have made arrangements ahead of time with their Tech instructor.  The Tech Center will be made aware of the Convocation schedule.  The buses should be bringing you back in time to participate.

2.  The assembly will take most of 4th odd period.

3.  On October 5th, a regular schedule will be run (NO CHANGE IN BELLS).  At the end of 3rd odd period/beginning of 4th Odd period, an announcement will be made dismissing you from your class to report to the gymnasium (WITHOUT BOOKBAGS AND HANDBAGS),  Seniors will process into convocation and recess out of convocation. 

4.  In the procession and recession, seniors will walk together in couples (boy/girl, boy/boy, or girl/girl).  If possible, partners should be selected before line-up.  Senior Class Officers will process in first together; Senior chorus students will partner with Senior chorus students and will process in next in the line.  Further instructions will be given at line-up.  Members of the Junior class will be directing you.  Please go in the direction and row that he/she shows you.

5.  After Seniors recess, you will be dismissed for the day as a Senior privilege.

BEHAVIOR:  As this is an academic ceremony, appropriate decorum is expected and anticipated.  Adults, parents, school board members, and community representatives are invited and expect a traditional and professional Monacan Senior class.  If inappropriate behavior or noise is noted, you could be asked to leave.  Don’t embarrass yourself.  Do not leave to go the restroom.