The Health & Physical Therapy (HPT) Center at Monacan High School provides students with academic and practical field experiences in preventative medicine and therapeutic health careers.  Students will explore health care careers that focus on therapy and prevention such as:  sports medicine; athletic training; physical and occupational therapy; physical education; and exercise science.  The HPT Mentorship program allows students to experience health and therapy careers in clinical settings through partnerships established with the local medical community.  Upper class HPT students will develop leadership and communication skills as they mentor and support the ninth and tenth grade HPT students.


Center Objectives

Students choosing this center will:

     Develop a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that would support a health care career in therapeutic or preventive health care, with a focus on sports medicine and/or athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and human performance

     Participate in lab-based practical and clinical applications

     Demonstrate professional behavior and ethical decision-making skills

     Assess problems critically and develop practical solutions

     Communicate clearly and concisely using appropriate terminology