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Virginia Junior Classical League Convention Results

posted Dec 3, 2019, 4:46 AM by Kerry Marple

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Virginia Junior Classical League Convention on November 24th and 25th. They spent many hours preparing for a variety of events and earned numerous awards for their efforts.

Abby Abrahim - 2nd place Illustrated Quotes, 4th place Mythology, 5th place Geography, 10th place small model, 10th place Mottoes

Alexa McGinty - 1st place Derivatives, 4th place English Oratory, 4th place Mythology, 7th place Illustrated Quotes, 7th place Reading Comprehension, 8th place games

Anna Schwan - 4th place mixed media, 8th place dolls

Alexis Paraschiv - 1st place Roman Life, 3rd place Mottoes, 5th place Games, 7th place Dramatic Interpretation, 7th place Roman History

Brooke Long - 2nd place Photography, 3rd place Storytelling, 5th place Poster

Cady Mueller - Allan - 1st Place Jewelry, 6th place Storytelling, 9th place illustrated quotes

Caleb Williams - 4th place Ornament, 5th place Costume, 5th place Mosaic

Carter Nelson - 6th place Poster, 6th place Geography, 7th place Roman History, 10th place Roman Life

Chace Hoctor -  1st place Mythology, 3rd place Storytelling, 6th place Mottoes, 6th place Grammar, 10th place illustrated quotes

Ella McKnight - 1st Place Storytelling, 4th place Ella McKnight, 6th place Pottery

Emelia Gotovac - 4th place Roman History, 5th place traditional photography, 8th place mixed media

Emily Acuto -1st place Greeting Card,  2nd place Latin Oratory, 3rd place Sculpture, 5th place Mottoes, 7th place Grammar, 8th place Vocabulary, 9th Place Roman Life

Grace Adams - 2nd place costume, 5th place Greeting Card  9th place Black Pencil

Kate Quiram - 5th place Pottery, 7th place Dolls, 8th place Roman Life, 10th place Roman History

James Bennett - 3rd place Roman Life, 3rd place Greeting Card, 3rd place Poster

Josephine Deaner - 1st place Mixed Media, 10th place Children’s Book

Joseph Bampton - 4th place Cartoon

Julianne Woo - 2nd place Storytelling, 2nd place Greeting Card, 3rd place Illustrated Quotes

Lillian Parker - 2nd place Computer Enhanced Photography

Lucy Casey - 4th place storytelling, 9th place colored pencil

Madeleine Crenshaw - 1st place Mottoes, 3rd place, Ornament, 4th place Derivatives,4th place Pottery, 7th place Grammar,  9th place Latin Oratory

Maren Greenwood - 4th place Mythology, 8th place Colored Pencil, 9th place dolls

Miranda Wilson - 2nd place Poster, 6th place Illustrated Quotes, 8th place Storytelling

Noah Williams - 2nd place Costume, 3rd place Large Model, 4th place Vocabulary, 10th place Reading Comprehension

Sophia Sneed - 1st place Derivatives, 3rd place Dramatic Interpretation, 4th place Mythology, 4th place pencil, 8th place Mottoes

Spencer Lohr - 7th place pottery, 8th place Latin Oratory, 10th place Roman Life

Tucker Elliott - 1st place Large Model, 7th place Map

In addition to these awards Alexis Paraschiv was 9th place in overall award points earned and Emily Acuto was 8th place in overall award points earned. 

A special shout out to our first ever street certamen team of Grace Adams, Brooke Long, Ella McKnight, Sophia Sneed and Miranda Wilson. They have blazed a new trail for Midlo Middle Students!