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Cross Country Summer Camp

posted Jun 11, 2019, 8:05 AM by Kerry Marple
If your child is interested in participating in Cross Country next year, please consider the Midlo YMCA Running Camp. The camp will run from 9-12 during the week of July 22, and it will be held at the Midlo YMCA.

This camp would be helpful for anyone wanting to run Cross Country, and is more geared to those who are relatively new to the sport, but seasoned runners could also benefit from the camp. It will not be a high mileage camp, and most workouts will not get much beyond 3 miles total. Participants will do several different kinds of workouts and have instruction on the goals of those workouts. They will get instruction on stretches, cross training, core exercises, gear, hydration, rest, nutrition, team objectives, and individual motivation specific to Cross Country. 

Please visit this Midlo YMCA Running Camp link for more information.