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CCPS Volunteer Information and Forms

County guidelines require a volunteer form be completed by anyone volunteering at Chesterfield County Schools. If you are wishing to volunteer in any capacity, to include but not limited to chaperone, classroom helper, office helper, mentor, etc. please complete the online form found in the link below. Volunteer forms take a few weeks for the county to process so it is better to get the process started as soon as possible.  Approved volunteers will be notified and valid for 2 years.   

After you have completed the form, visit our front office staff to have valid photo identification (ex. drivers license) scanned into our system. Please allow at least 2 weeks for processing.

Who is required to fill out this form?

1. Field trip chaperones

2. Sports/Club advisors, helpers, etc

3. Any sponsored organization working with our students
  • WATCH Dogs
  • Boys 2 Men
  • Others that fall under this category

4. Volunteers entering repeatedly to work in the schools
  • Library readers
  • Cafeteria/Classroom helpers
  • PTA Board/Volunteers