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Midlo Morning

From September to April, Midlothian operates an academic enhancement period called Midlo Morning. This thirty-minute period takes place between 1st and 2nd periods and runs on a rotating schedule where students report to a specific class period. During Midlo Morning, teachers may offer enrichment lessons, assessment review sessions, make-up work time, or study time. Students should not count on using Midlo Morning to complete homework that is due that day!

If a student needs to spend time with a teacher other than that day's Midlo Morning period, he/she must procure a blue Midlo Morning pass from that teacher. This pass must be obtained before school starts (or on a previous school day). When first period ends, the student should report to the day's assigned Midlo Morning class first and have the teacher sign the pass. If the student's grade in the assigned Midlo Morning class is below a B, the teacher may decline to allow the student to leave.

If a student wants to go to the library during Midlo Morning, he/she must procure a yellow Midlo Morning pass from the library. This pass also must be obtained before school starts (or on a previous school day), and it also must be signed by the assigned Midlo Morning teacher.

Odd- and even-day Midlo Morning periods will always match up with odd and even days (e.g., 3O Midlo Morning will always be on an odd day). While the daily rotation typically goes 1 - 2E - 2O - 3E - 3O - 4E - 4O - 0 before repeating, it sometimes changes due to days off, alternate schedules, etc. Specifically, there are usually a few consecutive Period 0 days at the end of each nine weeks grading period. Please refer to your student handbook/planner and/or listen to the announcements each morning so that you know which class to report to during Midlo Morning.

Each student is expected to sign in during Midlo Morning using his/her Chromebook. More information regarding this procedure will be shared during the first few weeks of school.

For 2015–16, Midlo Morning will start on Tuesday, September 15.