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A student works in AP English

The English Department at Midlothian High School has two essential functions: first, to emphasize the importance of proficiency in oral and written communication as a lifetime necessity; and second, to expose students to an array of literary works so that they may not only understand and analyze outstanding models of imaginative and practical writing, but also apply the concepts implied with the literature on both global and personal levels.

Keeping in mind the long-term goals of CCPS as related to rigor and relevance, the English Department is “committed to developing independent, strategic readers, writers, thinkers, and communicators through a balanced literacy framework.” Our course offerings provide outstanding opportunities for students of all ability levels to achieve success and to foster a love for reading and writing.Through technology, multi-media, canonical and contemporary literature, analytical and expository writing assignments, research, and cross-curriculum communication, students can graduate competent writers and critical thinkers – skills necessary for success in higher education and the workforce.