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Mr. Shawn Abel
Mr. Shawn Abel

Mr. Abel earned his B.S. from Buffalo State University and his M.Ed. from Virginia Commonwealth University. This is his 22nd year in education and his 16th year at Midlothian. Before becoming a principal, Mr. Abel taught math.
- Operates total school program in conformity with federal, state, and local laws, policies and directives
- Plans and administers school budget
- Serves as liaison to PTSO
- Coordinates athletics and activities with DSA to meet all county and state guidelines
- Coordinates development and implementation of master schedule
- Supervises mentors and colleague teachers, meeting all NTIP requirements
- Develops faculty handbook and coordinates duty roster
- Develops, implements, and analyzes school improvement plan
- Co-coordinates Operation Graduation (OTGR)
- Supervises staff, student, and community recognition
- Serves as Title IX Coordinator and Compliance Officer
- Supervises school counseling department and front office clerical staff
Mrs. Elizabeth Baber
Mrs. Elizabeth Baber
Associate Principal

Mrs. Baber earned her B.S. in Biology and her M.T. from Virginia Commonwealth University. This is her eighth year in education, and she has been at Midlothian all eight  years. Before becoming a principal, Mrs. Baber taught science.
- Co-supervises science, fine arts, health & physical education, and career & technical education departments
- Handles discipline for students K–Q
- Chairs Promote Respect committee
- Supports student recognition (core values)
- Supervises International Baccalaureate Programme
Ms. Denise Bowes
Ms. Denise Bowes
Assistant Principal

Ms. Bowes earned her B.S. from Radford University and also holds a Master's in Educational Leadership, Administration & Supervision. This is her 16th year in education and her fifth year at Midlothian. Before becoming a principal, Ms. Bowes taught science and social studies as a collaborative special education teacher.
- Supervises exceptional education and English departments
- Handles discipline for students Db–J
- Coordinates master schedule
- Coordinates recertification
- Supervises Synergy (gradebook manager)
- Supervises New Student Orientation program
- Coordinates mornings
- Supervises awards assemblies
Mr. Rob Gifford
Mr. Robert Gifford
Assistant Principal

Mr. Gifford earned his B.A. in Government from the University of Texas, his B.Ed. from the University of Michigan, his M.T. from Virginia Commonwealth University, and his Master's endorsement in Administration from Virginia State University. This is his 13th year in education and his fourth year at Midlothian. Before becoming a principal, Mr. Gifford taught social studies. Having traveled widely in the United States and teaching English in East Asia, he has a keen interest in culture, diversity, and education.
- Supervises math, social studies, world language, and library departments
- Handles discipline for students A–Da
- Develops, implements, and analyzes school improvement plan
- Chairs exam exemption appeals committee
- Co-coordinates Operation Graduation (OTGR)
- Supervises attendance
- Supervises technology committee
- Coordinates ninth grade study skills
- Co-coordinates school-based professional development
- Supervises staff recognition (Employee of the Month)
- Serves as back-up master schedule coordinator
Mrs. Missy Hill
Mrs. Missy Hill
Dean of Students

Mrs. Hill earned her B.A. in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English and her M.A. in English Literature from Clemson University. This is her 10th year in education and her third at Midlothian. Before becoming an administrator, Mrs. Hill taught English.

Mr. David Cooper
Mr. David Cooper
Director of Student Activities

Mr. Cooper earned his B.B.A. from Millsaps College. This is his 33rd year in education and his 24th year at Midlothian. Before becoming an administrator, Mr. Cooper taught career education.
- Supervises and develops instructional, athletic, and activity calendars
- Coordinates clubs, activities, and activity buses
- Coordinates field trips when approved by administration
- Approves and coordinates facility use
- Serves as media liaison
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Ms. Loretta Speller
School Counseling Coordinator
Students Ph–Se School Counseling Coordinator 12th Grade Counseling Coordinator 504 Coordinator Scholarship Coordinator ESOL Coordinator
Mr. Mark Spewak
Mr. Mark Spewak
IB Diploma Programme Coordinator

Mr. Spewak earned his B.A. in English and his M.T. in Secondary English from Virginia Commonwealth University. This is his 13th year in education, and he has been at Midlothian all 13 years. In addition to coordinating the IB Program, Mr. Spewak also teaches English.
- Responds to parental, student, and teacher concerns about curricula
- Conducts annual recruiting
- Designs and coordinates the IB Diploma Ceremony and reception
- Coordinates IB Parents' Council meetings and activities
- Coordinates fund raising activities
- Coordinates IB newsletter
- Administers IB exams
- Supervises CAS program
- Coordinates evaluation of application components
Mrs. Maureen Martin
Mrs. Maureen Martin
Career Center Coordinator / Testing Coordinator

Mrs. Martin earned her B.S. in Politics and Philosophy from St. Andrews Presbyterian College and her M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling from East Carolina University. This is her sixth year in education, and she has been at Midlothian all six years. Her passions include her family, travel, swimming, reading, and most forms of music.
- Develops testing schedule
- Oversees standardized testing
- Facilitates college and career center
Mrs. Debra Zawadzki
Mrs. Debra Zawadzki
Administrator of Exceptional Education

This is Mrs. Zawadzki's 32nd year in education and her ninth year at Midlothian.
- Oversees exceptional education department

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