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Winter Sports

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Basketball (Boys)
Head Coach: David Brohl - david_brohlatccpsnet.net
Tryouts: November
Practice: TBA

Basketball (Girls)
Head Coach: Adam Layton - adam_laytonatccpsnet.net
Tryouts: November
Practice: Monday–Friday

Indoor Track & Field (Boys)
Head Coach: Stan Morgan - stanley_morganatverizon.net
Tryouts: none
Practice: Monday–Friday 2:00–4:15 (beginning in November)

Indoor Track & Field (Girls)
Head Coach: Stan Morgan - stanley_morganatverizon.net
Tryouts: none
Practice: Monday–Friday 2:00–4:15 (beginning in November)

Head Coach: Gene Bryson
Assistant Coach: Garrett Graham
Tryouts: TBA
Practice: TBA

Head Coaches: Scott Jenkins - scott_jenkinsatccpsnet.net
Assistant Coach: Jimmy Cox - james_coxatccpsnet.net
Tryouts: none
Practice: TBA