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Student Interest Clubs

Student interest clubs form at the beginning of each semester and must be reconstituted each school year. The following clubs may or may not be formed for the 2017–18 school year. If you are interested in forming a student interest club, talk to Mr. Cooper.

Animation Club
Sponsor: Lorraine Rand - lorraine_randccpsnet.net

Chess Club
Sponsor: Badr Sharobim - badr_sharobimccpsnet.net

Crime Solvers Club
Sponsor: Adam Schwab - adam_schwabccpsnet.net

Diversity Club
Sponsor: Sarah Fasulka - sarah_irizarryfasulkccpsnet.net

Gaming Club
Sponsor: Jeff Thomasson - jeffrey_thomassonccpsnet.net

Gender–Sexuality Alliance
Sponsor: Adam Schwab - adam_schwabccpsnet.net

Girls Who Code
Sponsor: Amber Lanpher - amber_lanpherccpsnet.net

Investors Club
Sponsor: Bryan Harrison - bryan_harrisonccpsnet.net

Leo Fishing Club
Sponsor: Andrea Tavenner - andrea_tavennerccpsnet.net

MADA (Midlothian Alzheimers & Dementia Awareness Club)
Sponsor: Nick Kirkbride - nicholas_kirkbrideccpsnet.net

Red Cross / Future of Medicine
Sponsor: Jeff Thomasson - jeffrey_thomassonccpsnet.net

Rock Climbing Club
Sponsor: Don Wade - donald_wadeccpsnet.net