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This list will sort by subject matter, then grade level and then last name. The phone number provided is a voice mail number. Please leave teachers a message with your student's name and your contact information. 

To email a teacher, use the email prefix provided and follow it with   @ symbolccpsnet.net
Last Name First Name Role Email Address
Abbott Lori Support lori_abbott@ccpsnet.net
Aguilar Megan T-Art megan_aguilar@ccpsnet.net
Allen Destiny Social Worker destiny_allen@ccpsnet.net
Altizer David Principal david_altizer@ccpsnet.net
Anglin Tiffany T-PE/Health tiffany_anglin@ccpsnet.net
Balser Michael T-PE/Health michael_balser@ccpsnet.net
Beale Fay T-Science fay_beale@ccpsnet.net
Beatty Juliana T-Lang.Art juliana_beatty@ccpsnet.net
Belisle Pierre T-French pierre_belisle@ccpsnet.net
Berge Karlin T-SLD karlin_berge@ccpsnet.net
Blackwell Kathleen Librarian
Blosser Neuman Reading
Bolding Dennis Custodian dennis_bolding@ccpsnet.net
Boyd Nicole T-Lang.Art nicole_boyd@ccpsnet.net
Brown Tonya T-Lang.Art tonya_brown@ccpsnet.net
Burleson Elizabeth T-Latin
Butler Keisha Cafe-Manager keisha_butler@ccpsnet.net
Bynum Sarah Guid Coord sarah_bynum@ccpsnet.net
Caldwell Sylvia Office Mgr sylvia_caldwell@ccpsnet.net
Campbell Phyllis Cafe Assist Manager
Carlucci Paola T-German paola_carlucci@ccpsnet.net
Carson Natalia Instructional natalia_carson@ccpsnet.net
Carter Margaret Food Services
Cheatham Christina Nurse
Chrislip Steven T-Social Studies steven_chrislip@ccpsnet.net
Clark Elizabeth T-CBG Science elizabeth_clark@ccpsnet.net
Coleman Lauren T-PE/Health
Coulter Andrew T-Lang.Art andrew_coulter@ccpsnet.net
Cousins Patricia Clinic-Assistant
Cunningham Luke BOS
Davis Sam T-ED (IDP) sam_davis@ccpsnet.net
Deallfordii Shenell T-Lang.Art
Dodge Jennifer T-Lang.Art jennifer_dodge@ccpsnet.net
Donald Belinda Tutor Monitor belinda_donald@ccpsnet.net
Evans Janet Coord of ASMT janet_evans@ccpsnet.net
Fei Michael T-Math michael_fei@ccpsnet.net
Felice Tonya T-Math tonya_felice@ccpsnet.net
Flom Stephanie T-Lang.Art stephanie_flom@ccpsnet.net
Fortune Scott Asst Principal scott_fortune@ccpsnet.net
Fowler Amy T-Spanish amy_fowler@ccpsnet.net
Foy Mary T-SLD mary_foy@ccpsnet.net
Franklin Bara T-Science bara_franklin@ccpsnet.net
Freeman Angela Coord of Sped
Gahr Leigh Psychologist leigh_gahr@ccpsnet.net
Gaskell Leslie T-Science leslie_gaskell@ccpsnet.net
Gay Carrie Secretary carrie_gay@ccpsnet.net
Gibson Christi T-Social Studies christi_gibson@ccpsnet.net
Griffin Cynthia Program Tech 1 cynthia_griffin@ccpsnet.net
Grimes Betty Food Services betty_grimes@ccpsnet.net
Grishaw Shaunna T-Social Studies
Gross Megan Guid Counselor megan_gross@ccpsnet.net
Gunder Misty T-PE/Health misty_gunder@ccpsnet.net
Hall Sherrie Food Services sherrie_hall@ccpsnet.net
Halligan Susan T-SLD susan_halligan@ccpsnet.net
Hartsoe Megan T-Art megan_hartsoe@ccpsnet.net
Higdon Victoria T-Math victoria_higdon@ccpsnet.net
Hines Lauren T-Math lauren_hines@ccpsnet.net
Hybner Jill T-Math jill_hybner@ccpsnet.net
Jackson Jesselyn T-Math
Janosik David Annual Substitute david_janosik@ccpsnet.net
Johnson Kathy IA SE OHI kathy_johnson@ccpsnet.net
Jones Shannon IA SE LD shannon_jones@ccpsnet.net
Kelley Brittney T-ESL brittney_kelley@ccpsnet.net
Kelley Rebecca Guid Counselor rebecca_kelley@ccpsnet.net
Kipp Courtney T-Drama courtney_kipp@ccpsnet.net
Kirby Lauren Guid Counselor lauren_kirby@ccpsnet.net
Kruger Samuel T-Lang.Art samuel_kruger@ccpsnet.net
Last Name First Name Classification
first name_last name@ccpsnet.net
Layne Charlie Food Services charlie_layne@ccpsnet.net
Lee Amy Asst Lib Sec amy_lee@ccpsnet.net
Lee Kelley T-Lang.Art kelley_lee@ccpsnet.net
LeMasster Vicki Library Assist vicki_lemasster@ccpsnet.net
Leslie Joshua T-Music joshua_leslie@ccpsnet.net
Liddiard Evan T-Social Studies evan_liddiard@ccpsnet.net
Lizama Emma Food Services emma_lizama@ccpsnet.net
Louth Kami Dean of Students kami_louth@ccpsnet.net
Lucas Cathy T-ESL cathy_lucas@ccpsnet.net
Lupino Sara T-Science sara_lupino@ccpsnet.net
Martin Mary T-Lang.Art mary_martin@ccpsnet.net
Mason Gloria Food Services gloria_mason@ccpsnet.net
McGrath Harper T-Spanish harper_mcgrath@ccpsnet.net
McHatton Elizabeth T-Music
Meyer Christopher T-PE/Health
Mottas Barbara T-PE/Health barbara_mottas@ccpsnet.net
Mulvihill Nancy T-Lang. Art nancy_mulvihill@ccpsnet.net
Nation Theresa T-ED (IDP) theresa_nation@ccpsnet.net
Newbill Tiffany T-Math tiffany_newbill@ccpsnet.net
Noble Lisa Custodian lisa_noble@ccpsnet.net
Orcutt Dany T-ED dany_orcutt@ccpsnet.net
Parks Matthew T-CBG Math matthew_parks@ccpsnet.net
Penn Lillie Program Tech 1 lillie_penn@ccpsnet.net
Perry James T-Math james_perry@ccpsnet.net
Pinkleton Jeanne Fiscal Tech III
Pruett Lauren IA SE LD lauren_pruett@ccpsnet.net
Quisenberry T-Math T-Math
Reyes Shante Food Services shante_reyes@ccpsnet.net
Richardson Dionne T-SLD
Richter Carrie T-Math carrie_richter@ccpsnet.net
Roach Dana Food Services dana_roach@ccpsnet.net
Robinson Janice Office Assistant janice_robinson@ccpsnet.net
Romer Todd Asst Principal todd_romer@ccpsnet.net
Rose Kimberly T-Music kimberly_rose@ccpsnet.net
Sager-Tra Melissa T-Math
Sampson Amy T-Math amy_sampson@ccpsnet.net
Sanders Amy T-CBG Lang. Arts amy_sanders@ccpsnet.net
Schaefer Jessica Office Assistant
Scott Kathy Food Services kathy_scott@ccpsnet.net
Shifflett Douglas T-PE/Health
Smith Yamilia Guidance Tech yamilia_smith@ccpsnet.net
Smith Kathy T-SLD kathy_smith@ccpsnet.net
Pruett Lauren IA SE LD lauren_pruett@ccpsnet.net
Souder Sandra IDP Coordinator sandra_souder@ccpsnet.net
Spivey Thomas SRO thomas_spivey@ccpsnet.net
Stanford Jordan IA SE OHI jordan_stanford@ccpsnet.net
Stiles Brande T-Lang. Arts brande_stiles@ccpsnet.net
Stone Terika IA SE MllD terika_stone@ccpsnet.net
Sullvian Hilary T-Lang. Arts hilary_sullvian@ccpsnet.net
Thompson Davis Sonya T-ED (IDP)
sonya_thompson davis@ccpsnet.net
Tillar Velma T-Social Studies velma_tillar@ccpsnet.net
Tucker Narshara T-Science
Vasquez Cecilia Food Services cecilia_vasquez@ccpsnet.net
Vieira Joan T-MiiD joan_vieira@ccpsnet.net
Wallin Sharon T-Social Studies sharon_wallin@ccpsnet.net
Walton Julie T-CBG SS julie_walton@ccpsnet.net
Warren Steven T-SLD steven_warren@ccpsnet.net
Whalen Cathy T-SLD cathy_whalen@ccpsnet.net
White Lakisha T-ED (IDP) lakisha_white@ccpsnet.net
Wright James T-Tech ED james_wright@ccpsnet.net
Wyatt Joel T-Math joel_wyatt@ccpsnet.net
Wynn Mia Program Tech 1 mia_wynn@ccpsnet.net
Zombron Amy T-CBG SS amy_zombron@ccpsnet.net