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Technology Education

Students using computers in a lab

Computer Applications
The computer apps classes consist of keyboarding practice using the Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing program and basic computer skills using the IT21 program. Both programs are self directed and students are responsible for their own work. Each day begins with a 10 minute warm up using Mavis Beacon. The remainder of the class period is devoted to a lesson within a unit on various topics. Sixth graders are introduced to Microsoft Word and Excel, along with other basic computer skills. Seventh graders progress to Computer Graphics, Computer Research and Multimedia Presentations or Power Points. Eighth graders continue with Information Management, Desktop Publishing, Telecommunications and Ethics. Also introduced are other programs throughout the 3 years which include Mapmaker, Timeliner, Publisher, Printshop, and Movie Maker.

The yearbook class is responsible for producing the Manchester Middle School yearbook. Each class begins with a staff meeting conducted by me or the editor. The year begins with basic journalism skills, instruction on how to use the Yearbookavenue program and decisions that involve setting up the yearbook. Photography skills are introduced by a professional photographer. Digital cameras are not required but most students enjoy using their own camera. Students choose the section that they would like to work on and are assigned at least 2 pages that they are responsible for in the yearbook. Not only do the students learn the many facets of producing a yearbook, they also learn about advertising, legal issues, interviewing, deadlines, design, graphic arts, editing and teamwork.