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Health & Physical Education

Students playing with pugil sticks in gym class

Our goal in Health and PE is to teach students how to lead a healthy and productive lifestyle.
  • In 6th grade Health, they study the Muscular and Skeletal Systems. They also learn about their Skin, Hair, Teeth, Eyes and Ears. 
  • In 7th grade, they study the Respiratory and Circulatory Systems. They also focus on Nutrition, First Aid and Safety. 
  • Finally, in the 8th grade they cover the Nervous and Digestive Systems. They also learn about Non-communicable Diseases. 
  • Some of our 8th graders elect to take Fit for Life which is designed to help students reach and maintaining a high level of physical fitness, which is considered an Advance PE class. 
  • All of our students enjoy a wide variety of activities in PE. Some of which include, pickleball, speedball, ultimate football, basketball, volleyball and soccer.