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School Counseling

Enrollments are done by appointment ONLY!
Please call 739-6284 to make an appointment.
Manchester School Counseling Department
Phone: (804) 739-6284  |  Fax: (804) 639-6974
CEEB Code: 471870
The mission of the Manchester High School Counseling department is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program to address the academic,career and personal/social needs of all students.  In coordination with students, staff, parents and community resources, the school counselor and department staff will facilitate a positive and supportive program that will help provide a school community that is safe, healthy, and growth promoting for all students.

Need to see a counselor?

We are happy to announce the School Counseling Department is going electronic! A google form can now be used by students to request an appointment, tell a counselor something you need, or simply ask a question! We know it is often difficult for students to leave class to see a counselor...this google form can be accessed using a student’s chromebook from class or home! Simply type the following code into Google and the form can be accessed.

Student Google Form: bit.ly/mchscounselor