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Cary Nothnagel
Theater Director
email: Cary_Nothnagel@ccpsnet.net

Theater Electives will have school and community performances on a regular basis.  All Theatre students are expected to support and/or attend required performances.  There is a $10 fee for all theater classes.
PA111 - Theater 1
Grade Levels     9-12
Students are given an overview and introduction of improvisation, character development and structure, video stagecraft, and acting.  Learn to be in front of an audience without fear.   
PA112-114   Theater 2-4
Grade Levels     10-12
A three-year revolving curriculum includes more acting, directing, styles, and performance.  Plays are rotated over a 3-year period.  Each course is dependent upon completing the preceding theater course. 
Prerequisite: Theatre I 
PA113-114   Theater 3-4 (Honors Studio Acting Class)
Grade Levels     11-12
Membership is based on audition only.  Students must have had Theatre I or had to have been involved in a production through the Lancer Theatre Company in order to audition.  Once selected, students in the class will produce a one act play for state competition, cover a stage dialect and present scenes in dialect, and learn to direct or act in student directed pieces.  Work is intense and students are expected to work at the college level.
Prerequisite: Theatre 1 and auditions.
PA121 - Theater Production 1
Grade Levels     10-12
Designing, constructing, and running a play are emphasized while stagecraft terms are learned.  Hands-on work is required.
Prerequisite:  Theatre 1 

PA122-124   Theater Production 2-4
Grade Levels     10-12
Continuation of Theater Production 1 with leadership skills stressed since these students are combined with Theater Production 1 students and serve as role models. Each course is dependent upon completing the preceding Theater Production course.
Prerequisite:  Permission from instructor and Theatre 1 
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