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Ms. Lauren Murray
Department Chair:
Email: Lauren_Murray@ccpsnet.net

3 credits of math are required for a Standard Diploma. 4 credits of math are required for an Advanced Diploma. All MHS students are required to take a math course in their senior year unless they are granted a special exemption by the principal.
Most students will complete Algebra I during their 8th grade year. Students typically follow one of these sequences in math:
Algebra 1-->Geometry-->Algebra II-->Trig/Analysis-->Calculus
Algebra 1-->Geometry-->Algebra II-->Trig/Analysis-->Statistics
Algebra 1-->Geometry-->AFDA-->Algebra II-->Capstone
Manchester offers the following math electives:
JT355/65 – Dual Enrollment Pre-Calculus/Calculus
Prerequisite: Trig. Analysis, teacher recommendation, 54 or higher or PSAT Math or 500 or higher on SAT Math, and Dual Enrollment application process and must be in the 11th or 12th grade
MA361 - AP Calculus AB
Prerequisite: Trig. Analysis H or HS Calculus and teacher recommendation
MA362 - AP Calculus BC
Prerequisite: MA361 AP Calculus AB
MA370 - Probability and Statistics
Prerequisite: MA370 Algebra 2
MA374 - SAT Prep. Math
Semester .5 credit course combined with EN136 SAT Prep. Verbal.
Prerequisite: Geometry
MA376 - AP Probability and Statistics
Prerequisite: MA370 Algebra 2 and teacher recommendation
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