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Kathy Robinson, Teacher
Email: Katherine_Robinson

PA521 – Guitar 1
Grade Levels     9-12
This is a beginning level class for those interested in learning to play.  The emphasis will be on learning to read musical notation, chords, and basic guitar technique.  A $10 fee is required.  Guitar provided by the school
PA522 - Advanced Guitar
Grade Levels     10-12    
Students will continue to build upon the skills learned in beginning guitar.  Skills learned will include work on music theory, chord theory, improvisation, composition and advanced guitar ensemble literature.  The class will explore popular music as well as jazz, blues, flamenco, and classical styles. A $10 fee is required.  Guitar provided by school.  PERFORMANCES ARE REQUIRED  
Prerequisite: PA521 or audition. 
PA317 - Guitar Ensemble
Grade Levels     11-12    
This course is a continuation of the first two years of guitar.  Advanced ensemble music, soloing, composing and music theory will be covered. 
 A $10 fee is required.   PERFORMANCES ARE REQUIRED
Prerequisite: PA521, PA522 and audition
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