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Band & Orchestra

Band Director                Mr. Chris Fens                    email: Christopher_Fens@ccpsnet.net
Orchestra Director        Mrs. Kathy Robinson        email: Katherine_Robinson@ccpsnet.net

Band Students will have school and community performances on a regular basis. Band trips will also take place throughout the year. A $30.00 fee is required for marching band.

Course Offerings:
PA312 - Advanced (Concert) Band Grade Levels 9-12
The Concert Band is designed to develop, through the study of advanced band literature and techniques, the musician who is studying the basics of music. Membership in the marching band is strongly encouraged. A $10 fee is required.
Prerequisite: Minimum 1 year playing experience

PA313 - Symphonic Band Grade Levels 9-12
This class is composed of the top instrumentalists at MHS. This ensemble performs a high level of band literature and builds upon the techniques and skills learned in the Concert Band. A $10 fee is required.
Prerequisite: Audition and membership in the marching band.

PA611 - Intermediate Orchestra Grade Levels 9-12
Students are give the opportunity to advance their playing skills and will perform in concerts throughout the year. Music includes string orchestra and full orchestra consisting of classical, popular, jazz, and all varieties of music. A $10 fee is required. PERFORMANCES ARE REQUIRED. Prerequisite: At least 1 year of prior experience.

PA612 - Concert Orchestra Grade Levels 10-12
Concert Orchestra provides an opportunity for students to study string and ensemble literature. In addition, students will continue to develop the technical advancement skills needed for their instrument. A $10 fee is required. PERFORMANCES ARE REQUIRED.
Prerequisite: PA611 and audition.