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Attendance desk hours are 8:20 A.M to 2:20 P.M. Monday through Friday. 

The phone number for the attendance desk is 804-739-6275 x5133


If you wish to pick up a student early, please send in a note with the student's name, ID number, time of pick up, reason and parent signature. If the student is 18, a note from a parent is still required. If your student drives, a parent note is still required, and the student will need to sign out at the attendance desk before leaving the building. If the student does not drive, the parent picking up the student will need to report to the front office, obtain a visitor pass, and then sign the student out at the attendance desk.

Tardy to school:

If your student is tardy to school with a legitimate excused reason, please send in a note with the student's name, student ID number, the reason, and a parent signature. Parents do not need to sign the student in. Any student who arrives after 8:30 must sign in at the attendance desk and turn in any note to the attendance secretary.


If your student is absent, please send in a note with the student's name, ID number, the date(s) the student was absent, the reason and a parent signature. Students should turn in absence notes to the attendance clerk.

Please note that not all reasons given to explain an absence or tardy will be excused. Excused absences will be granted for the following:
  • Illness (If more than two days, the school may require a physician's note).
  • Medical appointments
  • Court appearance
  • Death in the family
  • Observance of a religious holiday
Alternatives to written notes:
Parents may send an email to request that an absence be excused to mchs_mail@ccpsnet.net or leave a voicemail message on the attendance line at 804-739-6275 x5133. To ensure that we have an accurate record of excuse notes on file, a written note or email is preferred over a phone call.