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Office Hours

posted by Christin Ellis   [ updated ]

Manchester High School is maintaining open office hours from 9 AM to 3 PM Monday through Wednesday every week in May, June and July. If you need to pick up an item from the school or drop off an item to us, please feel free to come during that window of time. We request that anyone coming into the school building please wear a face mask. Also, if you or anyone in your immediate family is experiencing any symptoms of illness, please do not come to the building. Thank you!

Chromebook Return for Seniors

posted by Christin Ellis   [ updated ]

Seniors, please come to the school between 9 and noon on Tuesday, May 26 or between 1 and 4 PM on Wednesday, May 27 to return your chromebook and  charger. Park in in the flag pole loop, or line up in cars along the curb by the front office until it is your turn in line to turn in items. Use the center doors by the front office to check in your chromebook. Use the far right doors by the front office and the greeter desk by the front office to turn in textbooks and library books. 

Please remember that the school is not permitted to release your diploma until all items checked out from the school have been returned.

Non-seniors who are returning to school in the fall may keep their chromebooks throughout the summer. 

Non-seniors who are moving and not returning to the school in the fall may bring any textbooks, library books or chromebooks to turn in to the front office from 9 to 3 Monday through Wednesday.

Graduation Diploma Walk Schedule for Seniors

posted by Christin Ellis   [ updated ]

Please follow this link to open the spreadsheet that has all appointment times for seniors to come to the school to receive their diploma and have a photo opportunity with up to five members of their family present to witness that moment. Appointments begin at 9 AM on June 4, and end at 4 PM on June 9.

Grading Window now closed

posted by Christin Ellis   [ updated ]

The last day for parents to request a passing letter grade to be changed to a "P" was Thursday, May 21. All grades for the 2019-2020 school year have been finalized and sent to Central Office to be printed on report cards. 

If you missed the window to request a "P" for the final grade and would like for the letter grade to be changed, we will have another window when we can make those grade updates in September. 

You may use this form any time to let us know that you want that grade changed in September:  https://forms.gle/4SPjPb6NHH3PVfV6A

2020 Literary and Art Magazine

posted May 15, 2020, 12:33 PM by Brian Krausse

2020 Manchester High School Literary and Art Magazine Mindscapes:  Night Life

Click here to view the digital version of this year's student produced magazine.

Message to Senior Parents about Graduation

posted May 15, 2020, 12:06 PM by Christin Ellis   [ updated ]

May 12, 2020

To: The senior class of Manchester High School and their wonderful parents

From: Christy Ellis, Manchester High School principal

Re: Celebrating the accomplishments of our seniors

Dear Senior Parents,

I am writing as a follow up to the message you received from CCPS and Dr. Daugherty regarding graduation. With this message, I hope to begin addressing questions and help you visualize ways we can honor your student's success in the coming weeks. While this is entirely new to us, Manchester High School is committed to commemorating the culmination of your student's high school experience while also adhering to guidance surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is best to view Graduation 2020 in three components, each highlighted and described in more detail below. The first is a virtual graduation ceremony, which will be aired on June 17 at 7:00 P.M. The second is an in-person event where each graduate will have the opportunity to walk across the stage at Manchester and receive his or her diploma. This will occur during the window of June 4-10. The third is a video presentation of senior awards that will be sent out to our community on the afternoon of June 1.

Virtual Ceremony

Our virtual ceremony will air at 7:00 P.M. on Wednesday, June 17. The speeches from CCPS dignitaries, myself, and our Senior Class President will be pre-recorded and included in the virtual presentation. We will also call the name of each graduate as his or her senior picture is shown on the screen. At the conclusion of the ceremony, I will certify the diplomas. 

Diploma Ceremony and Stage Walk at Manchester High School

We understand that many parents want the opportunity to see their student receive the diploma as they walk across the stage. We want to provide that opportunity for each student while maintaining a safe environment for your student, your family, our staff, and our community. We can provide this opportunity at Manchester High School during the window of June 4-10. 

Families that choose to participate in the Diploma Ceremony and Stage Walk will be assigned an appointment date and time. Please see this google spreadsheet to view your appointment:

Diploma Walk Time Assignments

 (**Note: If your assigned appointment time and date does not meet your needs because you have an unavoidable obligation, then you may send an email to mchs_mail@ccpsnet.net to request a different time slot. We certainly understand that some of our wonderful parents have essential job functions, and we will do our best to work with you on this.)

 Please arrive at Manchester at your appointed time. You will park in the faculty parking lot across from the tennis courts. Families will wait in their vehicles until they are invited to enter the building. Families will enter the door to the specialty center and wait there in the specialty center lobby to maintain appropriate social distancing. Here, the graduate and family will be assigned a faculty usher who will serve as an escort to all stations during the Diploma Ceremony and Stage Walk; the usher will ensure safe distancing and assist you to the auditorium. In the auditorium, students will have their names called over the microphone and walk across the stage with their diploma with their guests in the audience. There will be multiple opportunities for pictures.

We believe the entire experience, from entering the building to completion, will take approximately thirty minutes. Please take a look at this map of the school to get a visual of how families will move through the school.

In order to provide this experience, we have agreed to strict adherence to the following parameters:

·  Six people total are allowed to enter the building for this event (graduate plus 5 guests). All family members and guests are part of this count, including infants and toddlers.

·  Face masks must be worn at all times by every person entering the building.

·  The graduate and his or her guests are not allowed to interact with other graduates and guests while on campus at Manchester.

·  Out of an abundance of caution, restrooms at Manchester will be closed and unavailable for use to maintain sanitation during this time.

·  Once the family has entered the specialty center wing, families must stay with a faculty member for the remainder of their time in the building.

·  We are trying to provide this experience to all seniors in the Class of 2020. Because this is a tremendous undertaking (at least 8 hours a day over the course of five days), we are limiting the time in the auditorium to three minutes per family. 

·  If you or any members of your party are sick from or showing symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you communicate with the school. We will schedule your opportunity at a time when everyone is healthy.

Senior Awards Ceremony

One of the other major culminating events for seniors is our annual Senior Ceremony. We know our Lancers have worked very hard over the last four years, and we want to recognize many of those outstanding achievements. Dependent upon how quickly grade point averages can be calculated, we hope to recognize our Valedictorian and Salutatorian during this ceremony. We plan to share this video link on June 1. Students that receive a medal or other award can pick those up at Manchester at the time of the Diploma Walk, or at a later date in June that is to be determined.  

Chromebook Returns for Seniors

Chesterfield County Public Schools will collect student Chromebooks from high school seniors May 19-29. Students may return their Chromebooks to the high school that they attended this year or to the closest high school near their house. (A family member can turn in the Chromebook on behalf of the student, as long as the student’s name and school is provided to the Technology team member working the Chromebook collection station.)

·         Tuesday, May 19 from 9 a.m.-noon: Matoaca, Meadowbrook and Monacan high schools

·         Wednesday, May 20 from 1-4 p.m.: Matoaca, Meadowbrook and Monacan high schools

·         Thursday, May 21 from 9 a.m.-noon: Bird and Clover Hill high schools, and Carver Academy

·         Friday, May 22 from 1-4 p.m.: Bird and Clover Hill high schools, and Carver Academy

·         Tuesday, May 26 from 9 a.m.-noon: Thomas Dale, Manchester and Midlothian high schools

·         Wednesday, May 27 from 1-4 p.m.: Thomas Dale, Manchester and Midlothian high schools

·         Thursday, May 28 from 9 a.m.-noon: Cosby and James River high schools

·         Friday, May 29 from 1-4 p.m.: Cosby and James River high schools

If a senior is still in the process of taking AP exams or dual enrollment exams and needs his or her Chromebook to finish this action beyond these dates, please let me know by email at mchs_mail@ccpsnet.net so that an extension can be handled on an individual basis.

Members of the Class of 2020 will not be able to participate in the in-person graduation opportunity at their school if the school division has not received the student’s Chromebook by that time.

Class of 2020 Yard Signs

The school has purchased a Class of 2020 yard sign for each member of the senior class. These signs have not yet come in to the school. When they do, members of our faculty will be joyfully making deliveries of these signs to your homes. When I know a window of when to expect these deliveries, I will let you  know.

We understand this is a lot of information to process, especially since none of us have experienced this before. Please continue to check your email in order to see your appointment time for the Diploma Ceremony and Stage Walk experience.

Thank you to all of our Lancers for Life,

Christy Ellis



Important Information

posted May 14, 2020, 8:02 AM by Brian Krausse   [ updated May 15, 2020, 11:58 AM by Christin Ellis ]

Key Information Shared this week through email:

Parents requesting a “P” instead of a B,C, or D window is May 15th-21st - Must email teacher to request

Graduates must return checked out items before getting a diploma.  Senior Chromebook turn in dates at Manchester are May 26th (9AM-Noon) and 27th (1PM-4PM)

Senior Awards Ceremony Link will be shared on June 1st

Diploma Walk Appointment Schedule - June 4th -10th - Check email for appointment times

Manchester’s Virtual Graduation will air on June 17th at 7PM on Verizon 96/Comcast 26/CCPS Social Media/CCPS Website

2020 AP Exam FAQ

posted Apr 30, 2020, 3:06 PM by Brian Krausse   [ updated May 15, 2020, 11:59 AM by Christin Ellis ]

Please click here to view AP Exam FAQs.  

Pre-kindergarten & Kindergarten Registration

posted Apr 23, 2020, 10:37 AM by Elizabeth Celuck

As a result of the statewide closure of schools, Chesterfield County Public Schools is rescheduling opportunities for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten registration. Both in-person opportunities will be rescheduled when restrictions related to large gatherings are lifted or eased.

In the meantime, there are opportunities for online registration for prospective prekindergarten and kindergarten students. 

0422 News Release-Spotlight PreK Online Application.pdf 

Chesterfield County Public Schools Closed through April 13, 2020

posted Mar 22, 2020, 6:07 PM by Christin Ellis   [ updated Mar 22, 2020, 6:12 PM ]

Meals will be available for drive-through pick up by the tennis courts from 11 AM to noon daily, Monday through Friday, March 23-April 3 for children ages 18 or younger. The children must be present in the car to receive meals. When you come onto campus for meal pick up, please stay to the left and drive around the large loop past Bailey Bridge and then up the hill to the tennis courts. This will make the driver's side window closest to the meal distributors. 

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