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About our School

ILancer Imagen 1914, three schools consolidated to form Elkhardt School, which had a faculty of four, including the principal. In 1916, transportation was furnished to and from school by a horse-drawn wagon. Elkhardt School became Manchester District High School in 1924. The class of '25 was the first to graduate; it consisted of eight students. In the fall of 1964, the school moved to 7401 Hull Street Road, to the building that now houses Manchester Middle School. Manchester High moved to our current home, 12601 Bailey Bridge Road in the fall of 1992. From its humble beginnings, Manchester has grown into an institution that serves over 2000 students, with a faculty of 155. In addition to its outstanding academic programs, the school now offers over fifty extra-curricular activities for students, including clubs, performing arts groups, publications, and athletic teams. Manchester High School continually evolves as we strive together to uphold its long-standing tradition of excellence.
Mascot:  Lancers.     Colors:  Navy Blue & Orange
The mission of Manchester High School is to work in partnership with students, families and the community to emphasize and support high levels of achievement through a global education for all, with options and opportunities to meet the diverse needs and interests of individual students.
Manchester High School strives at all times to provide a safe, supportive atmosphere conducive to teaching and learning that is free of discrimination or harassment. All students have a right to be treated fairly.
Lancers are ON POINT:
  • Bring books, notebooks, paper, pens, pencils and planner to class.
  • Do your homework. 
  • Look over class material before and after class.
  • Write down assignments. Check them off when turned in.
On Time:
  • Arrive on time to class.
  • Turn in assignments on time.
  • Attend class every day.
  • Find an activity at school that you enjoy.                           
  • Ask questions.
  • Share your ideas.
  • Actively participate in class activities.
  • Do your best work.
  • Listen attentively.
  • Stand up for what is right.
  • Accept the teacher's authority as the class leader.
  • Respect school rules.
  • Be honest and trustworthy.
  • When you disagree, disagree respectfully.
  • Be kind and courteous to your teacher and classmates.
  • Think about how your actions impact others.
  • Stay on task.
  • Avoid interrupting or blurting.
  • Be studious and courteous.
  • Do your own thinking.