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Success Program Coordinator:

What do students do in Success?
During the 1st half of class, students will follow a character ed curriculum that Mr. Bland has created. The 2nd half of class, the 9th grade students will work on homework from other classes, complete make up work from other classes or study for any upcoming test/quizzes. Not doing work is not an option. All Success students will work on work from other classes during this time.
Assignment Books
All 9th grade Success students will have to write their assignments down for each class and have each teacher initial it (even if they have no hw for a class). The purpose is to make sure the assignment is valid. I will check each student's assignment each day and do my best to make sure the work is completed during my class.
Success mentors and tutors
Mrs. Tritt and Coach Taylor each have two sections of 11th and 12th grade student mentors. The mentors will help facilitate all hw is being completed, track assignments and grades, provide academic support and monitor the academic and behavior progress of each 9th grader.
We are expecting to have a math tutor available to help our students during each Success class period. In addition, I have some retired math teachers who have volunteered in the past to work with our students.
SOL support-
All Success 9th graders will participate in SOL remediation throughout the year for all SOL subject areas.
For the past 12 years, Success 9th graders have traditionally performed very well on SOLs. In fact, for the past two years at L.C. Bird, the Success students outscored non success students on every SOL.
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