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The Meadowbrook English Department staff is dedicated to preparing all students in reading, writing, and oral communication skills for college and the workplace. Students are offered courses in AP Literature and AP composition. We also offer classes in the International Baccalaureate program in 11th and 12th grade.  With the incorporation of research skills and technology enhanced lessons, the English classes at Meadowbrook are designed to match the rigor of the world outside of the high school setting and help prepare students for whatever path they chose to take when they graduate. 

743-3675 Ext: 6259

English Department:

Adkins, Clarissa
Barrole, Leola
Cheatham, Kendra
Cummings, Shannon
Davey, Lydia
Estep, Megan
Freeman, James
Good, Austin
Goodman, Daniel
Madden, Nico
Magnan, Tracy
Reynolds, Justin
Scott, Matthew
Shaw, Marissa
Spangler, Stuart
Striblen, Rachel

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