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Principal's Message


The 2014​-1​5​ school year will be many things for all of us. For some it will be your first year in high school; for others it may be your last. Regardless of where you are in your high school career, I know it will be a year filled with wonderful opportunities and the potential for personal and academic growth. In preparation for this brand new school year let me encourage you to set new goals for yourself. As you start to think of your first day at Meadowbrook this year, let me challenge you with the following:
  1. Start your academic year strong. Every world class sprinter knows that their race is won and lost at the start. Work hard early in the year to get the grades that will give you the best possibility for success later in the school year. This will only be possible if you set aside time after school to study for your assignments and assessments and build good relationships with your teachers, school counselors and administrators. Students who experience success in their studies typically plan for success by setting personal goals from the very start.
  2. Make it a purpose this year to find and make new friends. Only a few high school friendships last beyond graduation day. This year, go outside of your comfort zone, meet new friends, and broaden your circle of peers. Remember the mission of our school is to celebrate diversity. Make use of our many social and cultural differences to meet new people and develop new relationships.
  3. Go in search of new experiences. Many years from now, you will not remember the individual classes you took in high school or even the names of your teachers. What you will remember are the experiences and memories that you made. Go out of your way to do something new and meaningful this year. I challenge every Meadowbrook student to visit as many school events as possible and to join an extracurricular club or a sports team. Make memories this year that will become the stories you will tell your friends and families in the years to come. In other words, get involved.
Again, I hope this will be a year filled with wonderful possibilities for personal and academic growth.

Go Monarchs!

Andrew P. Mey