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MBK Athletic Mission Statement

The mission of the Meadowbrook High School Athletic Department is to provide an athletic program that extends the learning experience beyond the classroom. Through membership in and adherence to Virginia High School League, the MBK Athletic Department strives to develop student-athletes physically, socially, and mentally; encourage leadership, responsibility, teamwork, and sportsmanship; and provide the opportunity for students to develop their potential as athletes in sports appropriate to their ability level.
1. Support Meadowbrook High School’s academic progress
2. Strive for program excellence and competitive teams
3. Instill the desire to excel through preparation and hard work
4. Produce a program that is a positive image for the community
5. Encourage broad participation among the student body, faculty, staff, and community
6. Develop student-athletes into responsible citizens
7. Operate in a fiscally responsible way
1. That students are our highest priority
2. That participation in competitive sports produces lessons that will be used in life
3. That success is dependent on preparation, work ethic, desire, and coachability
4. That well-structured athletic programs instill pride in the student body and community
5. That positive parent support and involvement enhance the growth of the athletic program

Spring sports season is just around the corner...
Track Nov. 7 3:00 Rickey_brown@ccpsnet.net
Wrestling starts Nov. 5 3-6 James_reilly@ccpsnet.net
Boys Basketball starts Nov. Nov. 7 6-8 (JV and Varsity) sbryant.iis@gmail.com
GIrls Basketball starts Nov. 5 5:30-7 (JV and Varsity) Coach Conner
Contact Coaches' for more information or Mrs. Richeson

Carly Westbrook, ATC, LAT
Clinical Outreach Athletic Trainer
Meadowbrook High School
HCA VA Sports Medicine
(c) (804)214-7549
(f) (804)386-0426

Track: rickey_brown@ccpsnet.net
Girls Soccer: joseph_farrell@ccpsnet.net
Boys Soccer: gabriel_hochstetler@ccpsnet.net
Baseball: drew_walker@ccpsnet.net
Girls Tennis: victor_smith@ccpsnet.net
Boys' Tennis: james_freeman@ccpsnet.net
Softball: keys2successsports@gmail.com Coach Keys
Wrestling  James_reilly@ccpsnet.net
Boys Basketball  sbryant.iis@gmail.com
GIrls Basketball  (JV and Varsity) Coach Conner