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CCPS Curriculum Overview
Department Overview

The Science Department of Matoaca High School consists of highly qualified, innovative and creative scientists who have the distinctive talent to integrate an array of technology into courses. Through the assistance of lab assistants, students are able to experience more hands on experiments simulating what naturally occurs in real life.

Department Contacts

Last NameFirst NamePositionEmail PrefixPhone ExtensionAdditional Roles
Clementson Courtney Biology/Earth Science Teacher courtney_clementson 368 Cross Country Coach 
Deloglos Christopher Chemistry Teacher christopher_deloglos 415  
Ferguson Jason Teacher jason_ferguson 439  
Fleming William Teacher william_fleming 362  
Howell Grant Biology Teacher grante_howell 331 Cross Country Coach 
Humphrey Renny Earth Science Teacher suzanne_humphrey 331  
Johnson Terry DE Biology/Anatomy & Physiology Teacher terry_johnson 318 Department Chair, STEM Team Coordinator/Awards & Scholarship Committee/Leadership Team/Biology PLC/Young Male Mentor 
Kwarta  Chandler Biology Teacher chandler_kwarta 308  
Rhyne Randall (Randy) Biology Teacher randall_rhyne   
Vinson Kristin Chemistry Teacher kristin_vinson 428  
Ward Elva (Dr.) Earth Science Teacher elva_ward 365  
Weinbrecht  Phillip Teacher phillip_weinbrecht  400  
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