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Social Studies

CCPS Curriculum Overview

The Social Studies Department provides curricular and instructional support as well as leadership for the administrators, teachers and students of CCPS. The social studies mission is to provide schools and staff with the information and academic tools their pupils need to become good citizens. A working knowledge of our shared history and geography and an understanding of civics and economics are essential components of social literacy.
Department Contacts

Last NameFirst NamePositionEmail PrefixPhone ExtensionAdditional Roles
Bourke Michael Teacher michael_bourke  Warrior S.P.I.R.I.T (Mentor Program) 
DeSalvatore Bill Teacher william_desalvatore 277 Department Chair, Psychology Club 
Driskill Scott Teacher scott_driskill 312 Varsity Softball Coach 
Goujon Gregory Teacher gregory_goujon  Positive Behavior in Schools (PBIS) 
Gravely George Teacher chris_gravely 391  
Green Renee Teacher renee_green 353  
Heare Andrew Teacher andrew_heare 426 Academic Team Advisor 
Lee Nakita Teacher nakita_lee  Senior Class Sponsor, PBIS 
McCall Katherine Teacher katherine_mccall 348  
McCoy Stacy Teacher stacy_mccoy 411  
Neifeld Nicole Teacher nicole_neifeld 327 Outdoors Club 
Pahl Kendra Teacher kendra_pahl 364  
Price Mary (Kathy) Teacher mary_price 416  
Rorrer Joseph Teacher joseph_rorrer 341  
Scott Bill Teacher bill_scott   
Seiler Glenn Teacher glenn_seiler 329  
Tudor Thomas Teacher thomas_tudor   
Weaver Tim Teacher timothy_weaver 450  
Zang Nathan Teacher nathan_zang 351  
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