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Yearbooks can be ordered in the following ways:
  • At Fee Nights on the fee sheet
  • Online through CCPS
Any other yearbook-related purchases (senior spotlight ads, nameplates for yearbooks, book covers) must be bought one of two ways:
  • Online through Herff Jones at www.yearbookordercenter.com, school code 4967
  • A yearbook representative, at Fee Night or Back to School Night
Yearbooks are on sale now for a Back to School special of $50. This sale will end on October 1 when books go to $60.

Follow school and yearbook activities on Twitter and Instagram @matoacamedia


This page provides important yearbook information for student and parent needs. If you have any questions about the yearbook, you may contact Ms. Nicole Eshelman, Yearbook Advisor, at nicole_eshelman@ccpsnet.net.

Thankk you to all who purchased senior ads. They are currently SOLD OUT!!!