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3rd Grade

Mrs. Schlichtcroll, Mrs.
Doyle, and Mrs. Michon 

The Basics


Third grade is an exciting year for students!  They are moving from the lower elementary school grades to the  upper elementary school grades.  There will be new friends, new teachers, a new grading scale, and SOL testing. 


Language & Literacy


For reading, students will study a variety of genre including realistic and historical fiction, nonfiction, and fantasy.


In writing, students will focus on the creative process and learning to write with more structure and purpose.


Students will continue their study of words and expand their vocabulary.




Students will need to learn their multiplication facts from 0 to 12.  We will be working on place value up to six, fractions, and reading charts and graphs.


Social Studies


We will be exploring with the explorers!  Learning of the adventures of Christopher Newport, Juan Ponce de Leon, and Jacques Cartier will peake the interest of all the third grade students.




We will dive into adaptations of animals as well as studying the earth and the types of soil.  Another focus is the water cycle and how it effects the planet.