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Early College Academy

In partnership with John Tyler Community College, Chesterfield County Public Schools is reinventing the high school experience by allowing interested and motivated students to complete coursework that will allow them to graduate from Chesterfield County with a high school diploma and a two-year associate degree. By taking a combination of Advanced Placement courses, along with a full complement of Dual Enrollment courses, students can earn college credit for an Associate Degree while, at the same time, earning credit for high school graduation.

If you would like to learn more about the Early College Academy program, please contact Dr. Nancy Hoover, Early College Academy Coordinator, at nancy_hoover@ccpsnet.net or call 804-639-8920.


Completion of this form is necessary if you intend to pursue the Early College Academy at your school. The Early College Academy is designed for motivated and academically prepared students who are interested in earning an Associate Degree from John Tyler Community College by the time they graduate from high school.

Eligibility to participate in the Early College Academy is based on identified academic and behavior benchmarks that are associated with student success:

-Successful completion of Algebra I by the end of 8th grade (passed the class and passed the Algebra I SOL test).
-Positive school attendance, at least 95% attendance rate (extenuating circumstances considered).
-Proficient score (400 or better) on all middle school grade-level SOL tests.
-Final grade of C or better in all 8th grade courses.
-Quarter grade of C or better in all 9th grade courses.

Once you complete this form, your academic and attendance record will be reviewed for the above mentioned eligibility benchmarks. You and your parents will be notified of your initial eligibility in late March or early May.

Once approved to participate, students will have to meet John Tyler Community College benchmarks scores on the Virginia Placement Test and/or PSAT to qualify for Dual Enrollment courses required for the Early College Academy. Participation in ECA will also require a one-week summer course prior to the start of the 11th grade.

JRHS Meeting ECA Slide Deck January 30, 2018

JRHS FAQs - Early College Academy