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English Language Learners

About our ESOL Program
The Secondary ESOL curriculum is a scaffolded sheltered curriculum that fully aligns to the essential understandings, knowledge and skills of the grade level Standards of Learning. The curriculum is designed to support English Learners by providing context, building background knowledge and vocabulary, and fostering the academic discourse of English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies so that students may successfully navigate rigorous academic content.

Secondary ESOL instruction provides English Learners with a language focused environment to develop the academic language necessary to demonstrate complex thinking and learning across the disciplines. Students learn to recognize and use language explicit to the task in the four domains of reading, writing, speaking and listening through engaging interactions with teachers and peers.

Maria Manning - Department Chair 
David Hamlin- ESOL Teacher
Anna Cios- ESOL Teacher 
Stuart Nabors- ESOL Teacher 
Debbie Mullaney- ESOL Teacher 

Courses Offered

Level I- Entering
Level II- Emerging
Level III- Developing
Level IV- Expanding
Level V- Bridging
Monitored students- these students have completed Level IV or Level V and have met the “exiting” requirements on the ACCESS Test. All monitored students will require assistance from the ESOL team for 2 consecutive years after their “exit” status.

ELL Standards
ELL Can Do: http://www.wida.us/standards/CAN_DOs/
WIDA Amplified Standards
Performance Definitions: Listening/Reading
Performance Definitions: Speaking/Writing

Additional Resources
VDOE http://www.doe.virginia.gov/testing/index.shtml
ACCESS Presentation
ESOL SOL Accommodations
Accommodations for Disabled students (Dual-identified)
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