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Welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer in our schools. The School Board encourages parents and other community members to volunteer and appreciates the time dedicated to our students and schools. 

If you are looking to volunteer in any capacity to include but not limited to chaperone, classroom helper, office helper, mentor , please fill out the following form and disclaimer. 

Important Note: This application should be completed in the Chrome Browser. Internet Explorer is not supported. If you are in Internet Explorer please switch to another browser to complete.

Please refer to our Volunteer School Board Policy 3070 for more details regarding volunteers in our schools.

You will not be approved if 1) it is found that you have not included all criminal convictions and pending charges; 2) you have any misdemeanor convictions of any type within the past 12 months; 3) you have any misdemeanor convictions for crimes of violence, child abuse/neglect, or sex or obscenity offenses at any time; 4) you have any felony convictions involving violence, child abuse/neglect, or sex/obscenity offenses at any time; 5) you have any other felony convictions for which I have not had my rights restored by the governor.