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Jacobs Road Library Curriculum

The library curriculum seeks to promote the skills, knowledge and attitudes to help students develop effective lifelong 21st century skills.

The focus of library time for Kindergarteners will be to motivate children to read. Children will learn how to handle and appreciate books. A major focus will be on the early literacy skills including print motivation, vocabulary acquisition, phonemic awareness, and narrative skills through read aloud.

First grade library lessons reinforce basic book handling and library skills taught in Kindergarten. One major focus is to develop good shelf browsing habits with the use of shelf markers. Another focus is to develop a love of great books and an appreciation of the works of authors.

Second grade library is about expanding student horizons! Second graders also are beginning to make the transition from picture to chapter books.

Third grade library students learned the process of making the transition to chapter books and to use reading strategies. Third graders will learn technology and search skills that will enable them to locate books through the online catalog.

In fourth grade students learn more advanced strategies for searching and sharing information. Literary appreciation is still a focus as students learn about various genres including fantasy, mystery, realistic fiction, and biography.

The focuses for fifth grade library lessons are learning to share information through poetry, research, reports and public speaking. Students will learn appropriate ways to gather, collect, and share information with others. The focus of fifth grade is research and advance internet searches.