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5th Grade

Being a fifth grader at Jacobs Road Elementary is a fun and exciting adventure! It is during this school year that we strive to help our students become more independent and prepare them for their transition to middle school. There are several at home projects and in-class presentations that students may look forward to completing. Fifth graders also have the privilege of being part of a whole group musical performance in December, leading the SCA, doing the morning announcements, and helping to keep our school safe as Safety Patrol officers.

Students will take three SOL (Standards of Learning) tests during their fifth grade year. The reading, science, and math tests are given at the end of the school year. These tests are a great opportunity for students to Show Off their Learning!

Language Arts

During fifth grade, students work diligently in reading to hone their literacy skills through whole group & small group instruction as well as daily independent reading. We spend a lot of time building on their background knowledge and developing their vocabulary at a fifth grade level. Students will be encouraged to incorporate these new vocabulary words into their writing. Much of the writing instruction will also focus on the 6 writing traits where students will work on developing their ideas for writing, choosing specific words to draw in the reader, adding voice to make their writing their own, and improving their revising and editing skills.


Fifth grade math is divided into two sections. One of these sections is fifth grade math in which students complete the entire 5th grade curriculum.
Students continue to build on skills developed in the fourth grade as well as tackle some new skills like identifying prime and composite numbers, beginning skills in algebra, and concepts in statistics such as mean, median, mode, and range.

An accelerated fifth grade section is also offered for those students who meet the requirements. These students will cover the remainder of the 5th grade curriculum from their accelerated fourth grade class and the entire sixth grade math curriculum. The sixth grade SOL test is administered in the spring.


In science, students become geologists, biologists, and chemists....just to name a few. The students will complete in depth studies of matter, cells & kingdoms, ocean environment, geology, sound, and light. They will also review all topics covered in fourth grade because they will be tested on these in the spring.

Social Studies

Students will need a passport as they travel through the World Studies social studies curriculum. They will leave the fifth grade as geography experts of many of the continents. They will also study ancient cultures like the Mayans & Incas and learn about the United States’ involvement in WWI & WWII.

Fifth grade is full of fun and learning!