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2nd Grade

Language Arts

Second grade is a year when our students continue to have reading as a priority. They are immersed in a print filled environment. Students will learn strategies to enhance comprehension and read age-appropriate stories with fluency, accuracy, and expression. They will write stories and letters.


Our math program focuses on building a students number sense. The students will learn different strategies of thinking about numbers and ways to problem solve. They will also experience estimating, measuring, patterning, and graphing.


In science we focus on making observations, drawing conclusions, and recognizing data. The idea of living systems is introduced. We also explore phases of matter, life cycles, weather patterns, and the seasonal effects on plants and animals.

Social Studies

Students in second grade begin to compare and contrast the different tribes of Native Americans. They continue to develop map and globe skills and a basic understanding of economic concepts. The students also complete a Project Based Learning unit on Economics.