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Military Family Information

Picture of Hopkins student supporting our military families

We Support Military Families!  

We understand the challenges of military families and are here to help you in any way we can. 

We are so glad you will be joining our Hopkins Family!

Helpful Hints from Hopkins for our Military Members…
*Planning your Arrival to Hopkins Road Elementary
Registration information Registration

*Preparing your Move from Hopkins Road Elementary
Educational records requests/transfers: Hopkins will send records upon new school’s request.  Unofficial copies of records may be provided at parent's request.

*Academic Planning for Military Families
Special Education Instruction: Click on Exceptional-Education under INSTRUCTION tab
Advanced Academic Programs: Click on Gifted-Education-Services under INSTRUCTION tab

*Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Families
Information on the Interstate-Compact

*PTA, Extra Curricular Activities, and local community supports etc.
Click the RESOURCES tab for information on our PTA, Hopkins Bobcat Athletic Association, local daycare providers and other important resources to help with your transition - Resources

We look forward to meeting you! 
Hopkins Military Family Liaison: Melinda Dart 
School Division Contact: Dr. John B. Gordon III
Military School Liaison Officer: Chaundra Taswell (Fort Lee)