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Physical Education

Physical Education is an essential element of students’ educational experiences and in the development of skillful, healthy, and happy CCPS students! Physical Education teaches students the necessary physical skills to participate in sport and leisure pursuits, increase physical fitness, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Physical Education also regularly guides students to master important social and cognitive skills to include: quick decision-making; individual and group problem solving; applications of strategy, tactics, public speaking, and leadership among others.

At Hopkins, the P.E. department aspires to uphold and meet high standards of skill and content mastery for our students through fun and innovative lessons, the effective use of equipment, cross-curricular learning, and the application of relevant technology.

Ms. Kitchen Pic


Mrs. Sherman

PE Teacher

Students practice learning essential skills in the key content areas of:

  • Skilled movement
  • Movement principles and concepts
  • Personal fitness
  • Responsible behavior
  • Physically active lifestyle