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Art is a platform for developing problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and original ideas. Many studies site increased test scores as proof of the importance of the arts in an individual’s education. Exploring ideas through creating is a more lasting method of acquiring knowledge; we tend to remember things we do better than things we are told. With the correlation of the Art S.O.L. to the core S.O.L., students can not only develop creativity and confidence but also further understand knowledge in such subjects as math, science, and social studies.

The Hopkins Art Program also facilitates the acquisition of other skills. It incorporates various forms of multi-sensory technology. Students develop social cooperation by learning to work together in small groups. In the media of sculpture, students deal with the engineering principle of structural integrity as well as aesthetics. Of course, students learn to draw and paint, but their real creations go beyond just a sheet of paper.

Some events to look forward to include:
  • Art & Music Night in March
  • Fine Arts Festival in April
  • The Hopkins art display at the Chesterfield County Fair in August