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Volunteer Information

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers are welcome at Harrowgate Elementary School. Working together with school personnel, volunteers provide a vital service in helping our students more fully develop their academic skills, their potential as individuals, and their mastery of life skills. Parents and community members are encouraged to consider offering time to volunteer!

To keep students safe, the school system will check the names of volunteers against the Virginia Sex Offender Registry.

To volunteer or chaperone in CCPS, please visit the county Volunteer Information Site to submit an application.

Classroom Volunteer
Are you someone who enjoyed playing "school" as a child? Then this is your opportunity to volunteer in a classroom assisting teachers with a variety of tasks such as listening to students read, helping with science experiments, putting up bulletin boards, etc. Times may be arranged with individual teachers. 

Do you know why some children make it when others don't? The difference can often be attributed to a significant person who believed in the child no matter the circumstances. You can be that person for one lucky student, we only need one hour of your time a week!

Buddy Field Day
Do you enjoy the outdoors? Each spring, students participate in an exciting day of outdoor activities. Volunteers man individual stations to assist students in completing fun physical activities.
Field day is typically held the day before Spring Break

Library/Media Center Volunteer
Volunteering consists of assisting with shelving books, helping with reading the shelves for order, some clerical assistance, and/or helping with book fairs. We love extra helping hands to help with the maintenance of our Library/Media Center.
Any school day during school hours
(Arrangements may be made with the Library/Media Specialist)

Chesterfield County Volunteer Handbook
Our Volunteer Brochure
Parent Partner Workdays
Special Friend Mentoring Program