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Exceptional Education

At Harrowgate, we follow a collaborative model for all students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). Students with IEPs are enrolled in regular education classes and are collaboratively taught by a grade-level teacher and a special education teacher.

A continuum of services is provided to meet each student’s individual needs. This includes services for students with learning disabilities, students with emotional disabilities, students with mild intellectual disabilities, students with autism, and students needing speech and language services. Parents, grade-level teachers, and special education teachers work closely together to provide each student with the greatest learning opportunities.

Students with IEPs take the grade-level SOL tests with accommodations as written in their IEPs. Except for extenuating circumstances, students with IEPs ride the regular education bus and follow the grade-level schedule.

Information on the requirements for evaluation, identification, and service delivery for students with IEPs may be obtained by contacting the Assistant Principal at 520-6015.