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During their time in Spanish class, Harrowgate students will be introduced to not only a new language but also new cultures from around the world. The overarching goal is to foster cultural competence and language acquisition using an approach of integration within the CCPS curriculum. Students receive 45 minutes of instruction per week which often includes content integration with math, science, and social studies. Learning another language helps students increase cognitive function and flexibility, make connections from one language to another, and develop more than one cultural perspective as they prepare to live and work in a multicultural world.

Harrowgate students focus on different topics each nine weeks based upon the CCPS Themes for Elementary World Language. Vocabulary is constantly being recycled while new topics are learned and each year expectations on speaking performance, writing, reading, etc. rise. Below are the themes listed by grade level beginning with the first nine week s and ending with the last quarter.
  • K: My School, My Family & Neighborhood, Animals, My Daily Life
  • 1st: My School, My Family, My Animals, My Daily Life
  • 2nd: School Community, Expanding Community, Animal Habitats, Our Society
  • 3rd: Ancient Communities, Diverse Communities, Insect Communities, Our Planet
  • 4th: People on the Move, Social Landscapes, Natural Landscapes, Space Landscapes
  • 5th: Great Places, Great People, Life in the Sea, Earth Phenomenon
During class, students are exposed to a variety of different activities to learn the language and content. These include music, art projects, games, technology, books, skits, and much more!