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4th Grade

Welcome to 4th grade!

In fourth grade, teachers help students learn to become very responsible for class work, homework, and for long-range assignments. Organization is an important skill developed by fourth grade students. Use of an agenda and subject binders allow students to have their work with them throughout the day and at home in the evenings. Fourth grade students take SOL (Standards of Learning) tests in Reading, Mathematics, and Virginia Studies. All SOL tests are administered on-line.

In Language Arts, emphasis is placed on improving stamina and fluency in both reading and writing during Guided Reading and Small Group instruction. It is extremely important that students comprehend what they read and be able to apply the information. Students are exposed to a wide variety of genres and literary styles. Fourth graders practice writing narrative and expository text as they prepare for the writing predictor test (a measure of performance for the 5th grade Writing SOL Test).

In Mathematics, concepts introduced in previous grades are further explored with a heightened degree of complexity. Students use analytical skills to complete multiple-step word and computation problems. Major units include: number sense, fractions, decimals, geometry, graphing, multiplication/division, probability and measurement. To be successful, students must be fluent with their multiplication and division math facts (0-12).

In Social Studies, the geography, economics, civics, government, cultural changes, and political changes during the 400 years of Virginia’s history is studied. Students are required to learn a wealth of information that is an excellent foundation for the history of America.

In Science, emphasis is placed on the study of weather, electricity and magnetism, space, plants, resources, living systems, and the scientific process. Students use hands-on experiments and critical thinking skills as they solve scientific mysteries and explore the world around them.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to help their children by checking and reviewing the signed papers folder that is sent home every other Thursday. Parents should also look over their child’s agenda every evening and spend several minutes reviewing math facts nightly. Fourth grade students have homework every night, Monday through Thursday. Completion of homework is essential for students to master the fourth grade curriculum. Students are also required to read for a minimum of 20 minutes every day.