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picture of students during an art lesson
The Visual Arts program in Chesterfield County Public Schools is designed to offer sequential learning for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. The implementation of this structured program engages the students in making art, looking at art, talking about art and learning about the cultural, social and historical context of art. Furthermore, the art program interfaces with other instructional disciplines and contributes to the understanding of learning outside of the art classroom. Through their art studies, students will broaden their cultural horizons and be empowered as life-long learners.

The concepts, abilities and attitudes developed through this program are vital to our students’ total growth. The program encourages a development of perceptual sensitivity to the environment and ability to understand, express and accept oneself and others while developing a student’s full creative potential. The art program provides opportunities for students to learn creative, divergent and critical thinking skills. Students gain an understanding of aesthetic principals that bring order and design to all aspects of living.

showcase of student artwork
The Visual Arts Program promotes an awareness of the contribution that art makes to a culture — transmitting values and concepts of civilization from one generation to another.

Students attend Art class for one 45 minute session each week. Visit our school to see student art displayed in the halls and in the Library. Student art work will also be displayed at the All-County Fine Arts Festival each spring.

At Harrowgate, all students are artists!