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Learning Garden

At Harrowgate, we are excited to offer our students in kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades the opportunity to learn by getting their hands dirty and working in a learning garden!

Logo for Fit4Kids showing a red ball behind the 4 and the silhouette of a child holding it
We are partnering with Greater Richmond Fit4Kids to bring outdoor learning opportunities to Harrowgate on Tuesday afternoons during the school day this year. Classroom teachers will sign up for time slots to bring their children outside to the learning garden where they will have hands-on experience with content based on the Virginia Standards of Learning. For more information, visit their website.

A six-year-old boy digs a hole in a garden with a trowel. A female gardener helps a six-year-old girl cover a transplant's roots with soil. A six-year-old boy puts a transplant into a hole in a garden.
First graders transplant seedlings to the learning garden.

Five students hold cucumbers up to their faces like phones, while laughing and smiling.

This summer, students participating in our Summer SOAR program tended and harvested veggies from our learning garden. Here are some of our students ready to eat some fresh-picked cucumbers from the garden!